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26 October

How Do You Know If You Have Mice?

One Kings Park homeowner emailed  “I have seen two mice in the past week in my house..need help.” Suburban Exterminating is always happy to help with any pest problem in your home! While this Kings Park homeowner actually saw mice,  many homeowners just suspect that a mouse is living in their house.

How do you know if you have mice?

You might see mice droppings which are black rod shaped and smaller than a grain of rice.  Gross, right! Sometimes, mice make nests  out of paper.  In the winter, mice look for warm, dry places to live. Most mice will live less than 30 feet from  food.  

Mice continually chew on things. They might be gnawing on your furniture or food containers or wiring. Mice can spread disease, too!  For the best way to get rid of mice, call (631) or (516) 864-6900 for mice pest control.



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