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12 February

How Do I Get Rid of Tiny Flies?

Many Long Islanders have called our office asking “How do I get rid of tiny flies?”  In both homes and businesses, flies spread disease and germs. Flies are generally a sign of garbage and other revolting stuff!

Fly control differs depending on the type of fly. So when a customer asks “How do I get rid of flies?”, we always need to know the kind of fly.

Tiny Flies or Gnats

Today, we will identify tiny flies or gnats. House flies and blow/bottle flies will be covered at a later date.

Phorid Fly breed in slimy drains, dirty garbage cans and in rotting plant material. These flies have a humped back and 3 veins on their wings.

Drain Fly or Sewage Fly or Moth Fly is also found in sewer leaks, slimy drains and dirty garbage cans. This flies wings are fuzzy.

Drosophila Fly or Fruit Fly breeds in overripe fermenting fruit and veggies. Fruit flies moves around in small circles. It may have red eyes but always has 4 veins on its wings.

Fungus Gnats appear most often in over-watered house plants. It flies in a jerky manner and has a pointed abdomen. This fly has 5 veins on its wing.

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