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19 September

How a Caterpillar can Predict the Future

2012 Everywhere I turn, a mystic, psychic  or median is predicting the future on Long Island. You’ve got Theresa Caputo “Long Island Medium” from Hicksville,  “bigger than life”  Jim Fargiano appearing in Blue Point and  Medium Robert Hansen in Commack. What’s someone from pest control know about the future?

Predicting Winter Weather: Woolly Bear Caterpillars 

If you find a woolly bear caterpillar in your backyard, study the stripes. If the brown stripe is thicker than the black stripe, we’ll have a mild winter. And unfortunately, if the black stripe is thicker, our winter will be cold.

Getting Ready for the Cold

Suburban Exterminating is prepared to help you out this winter. In the coming months, animals like raccoons, squirrels, ground hogs, mice and rats will begin to enter people’s homes. Call Suburban Exterminating to get rid of your pest problems on Long Island, NY 864-6900.

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