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18 May

Happening in Your Local Library

Our annual summer library tour is set to begin in Smithtown in July .  We bring bugs and more fun to Long Island kids.

Close Encounters with Bugs

Has your child ever followed an ant trail back to its nest? Or spend hours capturing lighting bugs? Will they scream or laugh at the thrill of holding a large bug? Do spiders crawl on your child’s arm, but he or she doesn’t do anything but giggle? If your child is interested by insect and other creepy crawlers, bring them to one of Suburban Exterminating’s library events this summer. One of our bug experts will be happy to answer any of your kid’s buggy questions!

Wednesday July 20th  4:30 pm at Smithtown Public Library, 1 N Country Rd, Smithtown (631) 360-2480

Tuesday August 30th 2:00 pm  at Rogers Memorial Library, 91 Coopers Farm Rd, Southampton (631) 283-0774

Please let your local library know that we offer our program for free! Children can look forward to meeting Madagascar hissing roaches, a tarantula, scorpion and other animals. The free library program runs for 45 minutes to an hour for Grades 3 – 5. Come and join the buggy fun!


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