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17 July

Get Rid of Ants

Every day, we hear from Long Islanders about their ant problems.  Here are just a few of the emails which we have received.

Ant Problems 

Lynbrook:  Small brown ants, get the every year but this year cannot keep up even with spraying and traps

Nesconset: Hello, I was in my garage last night and I discovered some carpenter ants in some spots I also noticed the “frass” on the floor where I saw these ants. Can I have someone come by tomorrow for a free estimate? Please advise

Amity harbor: Main problem is ants, but my wife thinks she has seen a few termites, spiders are also a problem as the summer continues

Manorville: Identified a carpenter ant problem in the support sill to basement beams in front door. I am having the front door replaced and in doing so the carpenter identified the nests and ant problem. Need a quote ASAP

Amityville:  With ants coming into our house from the outdoors, no matter how spotless we keep the house they just keep showing up. So, I’d like an estimate of the cost of exterminating them. Thank you:)

Bethpage, NY:  We have a very bad ant infestation throughout our home

Central Islip:  I have one or two mice in my house, but my main concern is a steady infestation of ants that mostly swarm in the kitchen area but occasionally find their way to the rest of the house.

Let Suburban Exterminating get rid of your ant problem GUARANTEED. Call (516) 864-6900 or (631) 864-6900.

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