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14 November

Entomology 2012 – Bugs Go Global

Want to know something about a particular insect? How do Suburban Exterminating technicians, managers and customer service people know so much about bugs? When was the last time that you attended a meeting where the main discussion was all about insects and pest control? How we can provide cutting-edge information to conserve insect biodiversity, solve worldwide pest problems, and inform policy makers to improve their decision-making.  Wow, right!

Professional Pest Control

Suburban Exterminating employees are regularly educated on the latest in pest control. We recently attended the 2012 Entomological  Society of America Meeting in Knoxville Tennessee. Some pest control subjects included: 

• Linkages between Climate Change and Global Insect Pestilence: From Theory to Practice.
• Ecological and Evolutionary Origins of Insect Pests in Agriculture: The Role of Crop Domestication        and Global Crop Translocation.
• RNAi: From Basic Science toward Application.
• Current Global Trends in Forensic Entomology.
• Linking Global Agricultural Production with Pollination Services.
• Genetic Pest Management: Global Strategies, Hurdles, and Future Directions.

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