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08 November

Easy Tips to Prevent Pests: Tip # 4

What’s the easiest way to prevent many pests? Stop feeding them! It’s easy!

Keeping Mice and Other Wildlife Out

Make sure that your garbage lids are on and closed tight. If you’ve got raccoons in your neighborhood, you might need to store your cans in your garage or shed. Raccoons can be very clever at getting into closed garbage cans. Other animals like rats, mice and skunks may be eating out of your trash can, too!

Place your unused grass seed in a container. Grass seed is a feast for mice!

In the colder weather, mice and other animals lose many of their natural food sources. Birds, raccoons, red foxes, white-footed mice, and opossums adapt to eat whatever food is available.

Simple Tips to Prevent Pests

This article is the 4th of our series on Simple Tips to Prevent Pests  from entering your home. Other pest proofing tips include:

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Suburban Exterminating provides complete Pest Control Services. Please call 864-6900 to pest proof your Long Island home!


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