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24 August

Earth Friendly Pest Control Services

People refer to our Green Pest Control Products and Services as many things. Earth friendly pest control, natural exterminator, pet friendly exterminating all mean the same thing here.

Good Bug |Bad Bug

Insects are beneficial to the environment in many ways. Insects are food for many birds,  animals  and fish. They decompose dead materials to enrich our soil.

However, when insects enter your home or threaten your health and well-being, they become pests!

Green Shield Certified

Suburban Exterminating services are Green Shield CertifiedSM. For Long Island homeowners and businesses,  Suburban Exterminating provides smarter, more effective pest control without unnecessary pesticide use. Certified companies can solve the underlying cause of pest problems, providing lasting pest control. This approach has proven effectiveness while reducing pesticides.

Green Shield Certified professionals  - like Suburban Exterminating - know and understand pest life cycles, habits and the conditions. We utilize non-chemical approaches to limit pest entry  and make recommendations to reduce things that attract and harbor pests. Scientists, environmental experts and pest control industry leaders developed these standards. To learn more about Green Shield Certified standards, see their website.

To get an estimate for solving your pest control problem, call (631) 864-6900 or (516) 864-6900

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