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08 August

Disease Danger in Common Flies

Filth Flies are nuisance pests, not known to sting or bite, but buzz around your home looking for food.  Their presence can signal another problem, like leaky pipes or decaying compost.  Filth flies carry bacteria and disease through their hairs, legs and mouths.  Every surface they land on can be contaminated.

House Fly

The common house fly is a dull gray color and about a ¼-inch long. If you look closely, you’ll see  four dark stripes on the middle section (thorax) of its body. They eat by regurgitating digestive juices on food and drink it. Gross!

Drain Fly

You can barely see these bugs – about 1/8-inch long. Drain flies do not bite. They live in sewers and sink drains so can pose serious health risk to humans. Sewers and sink drains breed bacteria and disease.


Gnats are also known as  “fruit flies” “vinegar flies” or “no-seeums”. They are just plain annoying! Gnats are attracted to  bright lights, moisture and fungus.


Flies are teeny tiny so can fly into your home through very small holes.  You can prevent flies in and near your home by keeping garbage cans covered, eliminate standing water, cover fruits and veggies.

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