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17 September

Cold Weather is Coming

Mice and other rodents are looking for a warm place to live this winter. What’s the best way to keep rodents out? Look at your garage door sweep. You know that seal between your garage door and your garage floor. Do you see a gap? If your garage door sweep does not meet your floor, you have left an open invitation for pests to enter. If you do only one thing this fall, make sure that your garage door sweep is in good working order.

A garage door sweep is also called a threshold seal or weatherstripping. Besides keeping rodents out, it can also prevent insects and snakes from entering. A good seal will help your garage to stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Talk about saving energy! Do you need another reason to replace your garage door sweep? A good seal will keep water, leaves, dirt, and snow out of your garage.

Green Pest Control

People are always talking about saving the environment or “going green”. In the exterminating world, green starts with pest prevention. You can prevent pests by keeping all insects and other creatures outside your home where they belong. All wild life needs food, water and shelter to survive. Take a good look around your home. Caulk and seal any cracks or holes in your foundation. Eliminate any standing water. Your garbage cans need to be covered and clean. Keep your pet food inside. Move firewood away from your home’s foundation. Insects and other pests need food, water and shelter to survive.

Sometimes, despite a homeowner’s efforts, pests do enter the home. Insects and wildlife are continuously adapting to their environment in order to survive. When you do have a problem in your home, a professional exterminator can help a homeowner to identify the problem and present a solution. On Long Island, call Suburban Exterminating at (516) 864-6900 or (631) 864-6900.


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