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spider web

7 Spooky Spider Facts

They’re scary, startling, and synonymous with Halloween; they’re also one of the most common fall pests Long Island homeowners encounter. So, whether you like ‘em or not (and we don’t

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jumping spider

The Scariest Fall Pests on Long Island

This time of year, we welcome the “spooky” in many forms—haunted houses, classic horror movies, and terrifying campfire tales. One constant that remains, however, is that household pests like spiders

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insects and bugs

What’s the Difference Between Bugs and Insects?

Even though the words “bug” and “insect” are often used interchangeably in conversation, the truth is there are distinct scientific differences between the two. It’s not a big deal to us whether you say “bug” or “insect”

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Spider silhouette

The Spooky Truth About Spiders

Do you have an intense fear of spiders? You’re not alone—studies suggest around five percent of the global population suffers from arachnophobia. But what is it about spiders that’s so

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Sac Spider

Common Spiders Found on Long Island

Spider webs and spiders seem to surround us at Halloween!  You have spider decorations and real live spiders that you suddenly notice around your home. All spiders produce silk which they may use to catch prey, cover their eggs or travel. With over 3,000 species of spiders in North America alone, you are bound to run into one or two.