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Carpet beetles and bed bugs look very much alike, but there are certainly differences. When it comes to carpet beetles vs bed bugs, the main difference is their color. Bed bugs are reddish brown because they survive on blood – both human and animals. Carpet beetles are black or brown or  a pattern of black, brown and orange. Both of these bugs are about 1/5 inch long with short antennae. They are vastly different in their behavior.

Behavior Differences: Carpet Beetles vs Bed Bugs

Carpet beetles eat a wide variety of foods including carpet, wool clothes and blankets, furs, hair, stuffed animals, feathers, silk, plant products, and pollen. They are excellent fliers and can enter homes through open windows.  Carpet beetles start life as eggs, then become larvae before becoming adults. A carpet beetle larvae can live for over 2 years. At room temperature, the larval life span ranges from 258 to 639 days.  The larvae are small, light brown, hairy and worm-like. The larvae cause the most damage to your home and clothing. You can prevent damage by storing articles in tight fitting garment bags or plastic storage containers. All garments should be cleaned before storage.

Bed bugs must have human or animal blood to survive.  They can go for long periods without eating. They hitchhike from place to place on objects, people, mice, deer and other animals. Unfortunately, you can bring a  bed bug home and not even know it!

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