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27 May

Carpenter Bees are Natural Drillers

carpenter bee

Carpenter bees create holes in wood. They are large, black and yellow bees that look like bumblebees. Carpenter bees have shiny black bodies. If you look closely, female carpenter bees have black heads. Males have a yellow or white patch on their faces.

Carpenter Bee Damage in Your Home

Every spring, female carpenter bees create tunnels about  1/2 inch in diameter. She’ll use this tunnel as a nest to lay eggs by creating a 90 degree turn into the wood. Once the tunnel is created, the carpenter bee will bring in pollen and nectar to feed the eggs. Later, the bees might stay in the same tunnels over winter and expand their home the next spring.

These bees are very territorial  – they defend their nests and flowers where they gather food. Carpenter bees defend their nests by hovering close to you. They rarely sting.

If you have wood siding or wood fence or deck, you will have plenty of damage. If your home is already the home of carpenter bees, you need to call Suburban Exterminating at (516) 864-6900 or (631) 864-6900.

Remember these insects can bore back out of sealed holes!


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