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31 July

Can You Hear Me? Or Do You Have Earwigs?

The scientific name for earwigs is Forficula auricularia, which actually means “skin wigs.” There is absolutely no positive way to spin this pest. They’re absolutely disgusting and just plain gross. I know I wasn’t the only kid that covered my ears every time I saw one, and the fear of those really creepy bugs just carried on as I grew up.

Islip Earwigs

Christine, a customer from Islip, sent us this online request: “I am being attacked by earwigs, inside and outside of my house. I sprayed bug killer around the perimeter inside and out two days ago, and they are still here. I’m killing 3-4 a day in my house, at least. Can you please help me???”

The problem with your average, store-bought bug-killer is that they only treat the bugs you see. If Christine kills an earwig crawling across her kitchen counter, there could still be 20 more hiding in crevices that she can’t see. Plus, crushing an earwig can give off a bad smell! That’s why calling a professional exterminator is definitely the best option to achieve the best results.

Riverhead Earwigs

Another customer, Kacie from Riverhead, sent us this: “This summer, our house has had sooooooooo many earwigs, and I don’t know why. I hate bugs, and I can’t take it anymore. It’s soo gross! We need help to get them out!”

Finding the source of the issue is half the battle, and a professional exterminator can help you discover how the insects are surviving.

If you want to take care of your earwig problem the right way, or have any other questions about any other pests, call Suburban Exterminating at 516 or 631-864-6900.

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