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16 April

Buying or Selling Your Home? Learn about our Professional Termite Inspections

Read the following conversation with Kim, a Central Islip homeowner. She had questions about our termite inspection service which we answered via our on-line chat. 

Professional Termite Inspection

Operator 3: [8:41:03 AM] Welcome to our real-time support chat. How can I help you today?

Kim: [8:41:03 AM] How much to have a basic termite inspection?

Operator 3: [8:41:35 AM] Is this for a sale or purchase of a home? and what town is it located in?

Kim: [8:41:57 AM] sale of a home in Central Islip, ny

Operator 3: [8:43:04 AM] We offer the seller a free inspection estimate. Usually the buyer calls a company & pays them to inspect the home which they are potentially going to purchase. After that occurs, you as the seller are offered a free estimate inspection…

Do you have a buyer? And did another company come out to your house & do an inspection for you?

Kim: [8:43:34 AM] how much does the buyer have to pay
[8:43:49 AM] no one has come out yet

Operator 3: [8:44:36 AM] we charge $150- + tax… (*current price as of 3/15/2016 – rates may vary)

[8:45:00 AM] but again – you do not have to PAY – since you are the seller…

Kim: [8:45:05 AM] This would be same day service if needed

[8:45:26 AM] okay; seller doesn’t pay. thank you

[8:47:15 AM] Same day service?

Operator 3: [8:47:38 AM] Correct – you let the buyer hire someone to inspect your home – after that the buyer is usually willing to tell you what the report found & most will give you a copy so you can get an estimate – if you are going to a bank closing, you will need a 1 year warranty for termites in order to go to closing – after the closing the new owner contacts that company so that their name can be put on the warranty …

Kim: [8:48:40 AM] Thank you

Our on-line chat is available almost 24 hours a day. You can find it on our website homepage in the upper right hand corner.

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