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31 July

Bee Problems in Your Backyard

bee swarm

As the warm weather continues, bees and other stinging insect colonies grow larger. You may have just noticed that large nest in your yard. Generally, bees are beneficial. If they come too close to your home and family, bees can be menacing pests. Other stinging pests include wasps, mosquitoes, bald faced hornets. 

Honey Bee Facts

 All honey bees are easily recognized because of their black and yellow stripes, furry exterior and buzzing sound. Honey bees are social bees with 3 types of jobs:  queens, drones and workers.  The queens lay eggs which the drones fertilize. The workers gather nectar, protect the hive, clean and perform many other jobs. Honey bees use the stinger at the end of their abdomen when they feel threatened. They use their tongues to eat the nectar from the flowers. Their legs transport the pollen from flower to flower. They also produce honey and honey combs from their secretions.

When the queen fails or there are too many bees in a hive, bees may swarm.  Honey bees like to stay in sheltered areas such as hollowed trees, bee hives, hollow walls, or attics.

Suburban Exterminating can help you!   Dealing with thousands of honeybees is dangerous work. Hire a professional beekeeper or pest management professional to get rid of bees. Call (631) or (516) 864-6900 for a free estimate.

Fun Fact? Once you have an allergic reaction to insect stings, you stand a good chance of having another....even 20 years later! Ouch!

Learn how you can take some simple steps to avoid bee stings here.


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