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30 August

Bee Exhibit at Hoyt Farm Smithtown

Have you seen the bee exhibit?  Suburban Exterminating donated a colony of honey bees and observation hive for Hoyt Farm Nature Preserve.  This hive can be seen by all the visitors to the park.  The observation hive will allow children to watch an active colony of honey bees and how they work.  The display provides a description of the beehive and different types of workers within the colony.

Resident Bee Keeper  

Craig is our resident bee keeper and answers many calls to remove bees. Whenever possible, Craig tries to move the entire bee colony away from a place that is dangerous to the homeowner  to a more friendly home.

Craig Byer, of Suburban Exterminating, generously donated the bees and hive for an exhibition at Hoyt Farm Nature Center. Craig is passionate about bees.  Contact Craig directly at (516) or (631) 864-6900 with questions on beekeeping or bee products.


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