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07 August

Review on our Bed Bug Services

bed bugs

Bed bugs are literally a nightmare! The biting usually occurs when you are sleeping! Your breath attracts them to their target - you! Home remedies are not proved to work. Bed bugs are adept at hiding in the smallest nooks and crannies. Suburban Exterminating offers 3 types of bed bug treatments.   

Bed Bug Treatment Review

Below is one customer's experience who was dealing with bedbugs. The review was written in July.

This is my 1st experience with an exterminating company and I'm glad I choose this company. By far the best company I had to deal with. The money my mom and I spent for the procedure was well worth it.

First, from the receptionist scheduling a sales person to come out the same day to my home to Kevin the Sales man arriving on time, I was very much pleased. He was very professional and through from the very beginning and easy going. The fact that he was very honest and gave us options to choose from and not try to sell to us the most expensive procedure just to help the company make money, is a true sales man. We still paid for the most expensive option and we felt comfortable and happy with the decision. Even if the he wanted to or his main goal is to help the company make money we didn't notice because he listened and put our needs first.

Then the field manager Ricky came in and just put everyone at ease and explained the whole process from bagging up the food and leaving the beds empty. He also sends out emails every step of the process while we were not in the home. Again, I don't regret this decision one bit. The money spent was well worth it. I dealt with another company that same day and they flat out charged $3000 just for 5 rooms and not really leaving us any options and this is a huge disadvantage because I live in a huge home.

My whole house is in taken care thanks to suburban exterminating and their Charisma, professionalism and easy going attitude. I would recommend this company 100% to anybody who needs it, without a doubt in a heart beat. Thanks for the wonderful experience.



Bed bugs move to new rooms when you do.

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