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If you are planning a vacation, be on the lookout for bed bugs while you travel! Bed bugs are hitchhikers that cling to fabric, clothing and suitcases. Travelers can unknowingly transport bed bugs from vacation to their homes even if they did not experience bed bugs in their hotel. The resurgence of bed bugs in the last 10 years is not yet fully understood, but there are plenty of practices to help with avoiding bed bugs while you’re traveling!

  • Don’t think a more expensive hotel will be clear of bed bugs; bed bugs are not an issue of sanitation.
  • Thoroughly investigate the room before unpacking. Bring a small flashlight to help in dark areas. The headboard is the most likely place to find a bedbug.
  • Store luggage in the bathroom or on top of counters or dressers.
  • When repacking, put all clothes in plastic bags.
  • Unpack bags at home outdoors, store luggage in the garage, and wash clothes immediately in hot water.

Detailed Bed Bug Inspection

Getting rid of bed bugs in your home is near impossible without the help of professionals. The National Pest Management Association released a short video on preventative measures against bed bugs. Awareness and inspection are the keys to avoiding bed bugs in any situation!

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