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14 September

Are Crickets Invading Your Basement?

Which do you prefer? The sound of a leaf blower or a chorus of crickets?  It’s almost fall on Long Island and we’re beginning to hear both!

An East Quogue homeowner asks “I have crickets & spiders which I’m looking to get rid of in my basement & some upstairs. I do have 2 indoor cats, so I would have to use something not harmful to them. Please call. Thanks”

Preventing Basement Crickets and other Pests

Crickets love your basement when it is similar to a cave – dark and damp.  Male crickets make that sound by rubbing their wings together. Camel crickets will eat almost anything including your clothes or curtains. More cricket facts can be found on our pest identification pages.

Want to see fewer crickets? Start by running a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture in your basement or crawlspace. You’ll see fewer crickets, sowbugs, pillbugs, roaches, centipedes, silverfish and others!

You should also look outside to see where insects can easily enter your home. Are there any unsealed cracks, crevices or openings by pipes? Seal those openings. Don’t forget to check your dryer vents. Open dryer vents also allow bugs to enter your home. Fix all leaking pipes and your leaky sump pump.

Do you see a lot of cobwebs in a certain area? Spiders are showing you where insects easily enter your home.

Last but not least, you’ll need to trim your shrubs and remove dead plant material off your home’s foundation. ….. you could use a leaf blower!

Call Suburban Exterminating today to solve your cricket problems 631-864-6900 or 516-864-6900!

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