After a rainy period or dry spell, ants look inside your home for food and/or water. Once inside, these ants often make your kitchen or bathroom their home. They love moist spots! While reports vary, industry experts have stated that the the odorous house ant or Tapinoma sessile is the top household ant pest in the U.S.

Odorous House Ant

You’ll usually find these ants near moist damp spaces. Nests can be found in wall voids, potted plants, under floors or carpets, around heaters and hot water pipes, or in crevices around sinks, behind baseboards, cabinets, window sills, etc. They like to eat your sweets but will also eat high protein foods like meats, cheese, pet food, and insects. Since odorous house ants can eat almost anything, they are very successful.

Odorous house ants get their name because they give off a rotten coconut odor when crushed. They are very small and solid dark brown to black. They can bite.

These ants have large colonies between 2,000-10,000 ants and include many nests. Indoor and outdoor nests can be connected.  They can easily move if it rains or their nest is disturbed.

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