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17 March

Alien Invaders In Your Home

Would you believe that NASA is studying ants in outer space?  Check out the video below.

Ant Behavior

The NASA study is looking to learn more about ant’s behavior. Ant colonies do not have  leaders- think about a swarm. They learn from nearby ants by touching antenna and using their sense of smell. Ants cover large areas while working together to find food and supplies.  NASA will use this foraging behavior study for robot applications and gravity reactions. They also might learn why ants “generate” a random walk or a straight line.   Approximately 100 pavement ants were sent into space. Each ant habitat contains a nest area and 2 forage areas.

The project is officially called the “The Ant Forage Habitat Facility”. This ant colony is being monitored by a camera on the the Destiny laboratory of the International Space Station. You can find specifics about the NASA ant project here.


These ants are just like the ones which may be foraging near you.

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