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09 November

A Visit to 2015 Pest World Conference

Thank you to NPMA (National Pest Management Association) for putting together this wonderful conference! These classes were a great review on some important treatment solutions.

Professional Exterminators Continue to Learn

Here are just a few of the classes at the recent NPMA conference.

21st Century Flea Control  How to get control of flea infestation quickly since this tiny bug can cause most of us to lose patience after being bitten.

Wood, Beetles, and Buildings Wood boring beetles aren’t as common as termites, but can be just as costly to a homeowner.

Top Five Termite Control Tips for the Practical Technician to protect our client’s homes.

Bed Bugs and Chagas Disease Separating Science From Speculation. Recent research published showed that bed bugs are capable of transmitting Chagas Disease to mice in a laboratory setting.

Thinking Like an Entomologist – Tricks of the (Bug) Trade Do you see the world from an insect’s point of view? Why it’s important to “think like a bug”.

A Scientific Approach Towards Rodent Exclusion and Early New Rodent Detection We learned new methods for detecting rodents in and around structures and methods to keep them out!

Battling Bed Bugs with Diverse Strategies Information from one of the world’s leading researchers for confronting this tricky infestation.

Remote Pest Monitoring Learning new electronic means of detecting and classifying pests, electro-mechanical ways of trapping pests for evaluation, and methods for remotely monitoring hundreds to thousands of traps.

Ant Management Some creativity and specialized knowledge is needed to manage social insects.  Great review of the many tools available for ant management success.

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