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You probably know them best by their easily identifiable singing this time of year. It’s fall on Long Island and crickets are out in full force! Here are 7 curious cricket facts you may not know.

Cricket Fact #1: Crickets are on the Menu…

Eating insects dates back to prehistoric times, and crickets are no exception; in fact, they’re one of the most common insects consumed around the world. In recent years, products containing cricket protein have become more popular as consumer demand for sustainable options has increased.

Bon Appetit—Cricket Cuisine You Can Try!

Cricket Fact #2: Female Crickets Don’t Usually Sing cricket in house on blanket

If you hear a cricket “singing” or chirping, it’s probably a male! Most female crickets don’t have the sound-making wing structures required in order to make crickets’ famous sounds.

Cricket Fact #3: Crickets Listen With Their Legs

Strange but true–insects like crickets have ears in surprising locations. Cricket ears are very small, measuring not even a millimeter long, and they’re located on the crickets’ front legs just below their knees. Even though their ears are tiny, studies suggest crickets have exceptional hearing capabilities and larger predators to crickets (like humans who don’t want them nearby, for example) would be hard-pressed to sneak up on one.

Cricket Fact #4: Crickets Sing With Purpose!

If you hear crickets singing, it’s not for no reason. A male cricket’s calling song invites females to join him. He will also serenade the female with a courtship song, and if she accepts his offer, he may even sing a song to announce the exciting news. Male crickets also sing rivalry songs to defend territories. 

Cricket Fact #5: Crickets’ Chirping Can Cost Them Their Lives…

There is a certain pest, the parasitic fly, which has learned to identify and locate a cricket’s song. When a cricket sings, the fly will follow the sound until it locates the unsuspecting cricket, then deposit eggs on the cricket. When the larvae hatch, the cricket will die.

Cricket Fact #6: Cricket Breeding is a Multi-Million Dollar Business

In the United States alone, there is a huge demand for crickets by owners and breeders of reptiles, who feast on crickets. Large-scale warehouses may raise as many as 50 million crickets at any given time.

Cricket Fact #7: Crickets Are Kind of a Big Deal

In our western culture, it’s less common to adore an insect, but in China, crickets have been kept as good luck charms for years, dating back to the 12th century! The species is beloved in Japan, as well, especially for their musical talents, and in Brazil, some cricket varieties are thought to be indicative of incoming wealth or hope. 

Protect Your Long Island Home from Crickets This Fall

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