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29 February

6 Leaping Pests You Don’t Want This Leap Year

Every four years we get an extra day. Whether you see it as a bonus, or just another day of work, it certainly means one thing for sure: spring is not far away! The change in seasons will prompt new growth, greener leaves, and extra hours of daylight. But your clock may not be the only thing springing forward. At Suburban Exterminating, we have identified six leaping insects that you don’t want this leap year. 


While we may tend to smile at the site of a grasshopper bouncing across our lawn, in groups these jumping bugs can obliterate a garden or greenspace. Like many insects, grasshoppers lay eggs in the fall. If those autumn months were especially warm and prolonged, the grasshoppers will have had extra time to lay their eggs. This has the potential to give a whole new meaning to the words “leap year,” and not in a way that you’ll enjoy. Once they get inside they’re hard to catch, and even harder to keep from reproducing. Don’t worry – we can handle them.


Although frequently confused with grasshoppers, crickets are their own insect. They are smaller in size, but don’t let that lull you into overconfidence when dealing with these noisy pests. While a grasshopper eats a steady diet of vegetation, crickets are omnivorous – they feed on almost everything. Once crickets get a foothold in and around your home, they’re hard to get rid of. In some instances, their persistent chirping can become overwhelming. If your flower beds, yard, or garden area is seeing an uptick in these jumpers, we can help.


For anyone suffering from arachnophobia, this may make you uneasy. First the good news: not all spiders jump. That should come as a relief. The bad news is that some of them do, simply as a means of catching their prey. Approximately 300 species of spiders in the United States are known to leap. Because your doors and windows are the primary entry points of your home, jumping spiders tend to be spotted there most often. They are ready to pounce on whatever can be eaten. Whether it is the unsightly webs they build, or the risk of bites, spiders do not belong in your home. At the end of this article we will provide some ways Suburban Exterminating can protect you and your family from pests like these.



Known well by anyone with a dog or cat, fleas reproduce rapidly. They also drive you and your pet crazy with scratching, biting, and jumping. Fleas are hated, and for good reason. They can be resistant to many household means of eliminating them, and once they have infested an area, it’s hard to kill them without professional help. Ranging in color from reddish-brown to black, fleas rarely grow longer than one-quarter of an inch – making them difficult to spot. We are fumigation and extermination pros, though, and your flea problem is what we’re trained to handle.



It may be hard not to like a frog. We understand. Maybe you have childhood memories of catching tadpoles, or you’ve always liked seeing the occasional frog in your yard. As pest control experts, we do not exterminate frogs. In fact, quite often those high-hopping toads are helping rid your property of insects themselves. In that way, we’re kind of on the same team. But know this: if you have a frog problem, if frogs are overtaking your pond or yard, or their croaks have become too loud to take, we have environmentally safe and humane methods of discouraging them from staying nearby. Contact us now if you have a situation that has gotten out of hand.


Of all the leaping pests on this list, Springtails are perhaps the most notorious. Because they are smaller than fleas and found in multiple colors (including purple, gray, blue, green and orange), Springtails take on the appearance of tiny flecks that are nearly imperceptible. Even though they lack wings, their miniature legs are strong, which gives them incredible jumping ability. Although neither dangerous nor poisonous, Springtails are a nuisance. Like fleas, once they get inside, these tiny bugs can be difficult to remove. Routine exterminating is the only proven method of dealing with bugs like this.

No matter what has crept, crawled, or jumped into your home, Suburban Exterminating has the knowledge, determination, and full-range of services necessary to treat any problem – big or small. Our team is Green Shield certified, which means we can implement environmentally safe methods that take care of your home and family without compromising your commitment to the planet. If insects or wildlife are causing damage, creating a nuisance, or disrupting your lifestyle inside or out, let our trusted technicians go to work for you. Regardless of which pest control services best meet your needs, Suburban Exterminating has a plan that fits your schedule and budget, with peace of mind for today, tomorrow and years to come

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