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Spider webs and spiders are generally creepy. They hang out in corners of your basement, get tangled in your face and remind everyone of Halloween. When you walk through a spider web, you can almost imagine being trapped in the web. Spider webs are made of a silk material that is stronger than steel. The web can stretch to 140 percent of its length. Spider webs or cobwebs are designed to capture insects which the spiders eat for food.  Some spiders do not use a spider web; instead, they chase prey, lay in wait or go underwater to eat. Most spiders are poisonous but very few are harmful to humans. Spiders can take the blame for bites from fleas or bedbugs, allergies, poison oak and poison ivy and some diseases. Spiders are not insects but invertebrate animals with jointed legs and exoskeletons. When you spot a spider web in the corner of a room or on your curtains, what is the 1st thing that you think? You need to clean! However, spiders can easily enter the cleanest homes.

5 Tips for How to Keep Spiders Out of Your House

To keep Daddy Log Legs and other spiders out, do a quick inspection of the outside of your home and follow these tips:

  1. Seal cracks on the outside of your home. Look for holes and gaps around pipes.
  2. Check the door sweeps in your garage. Can you see to the outside? You may need to replace your garage door sweep.
  3. Your window screens need to be fit well and be in good repair.
  4. Use yellow light bulbs for exterior lighting. Spiders and other insects are typically attracted to white-light sources.
  5. Keep the humidity in your basement (or cellar or crawl space) low by using a dehumidifier.

Spiders are an important part of our environment OUTSIDE. When homes in Long Island experience spider invasions, they become a problem.  Wolf Spiders, Daddy Long-Legs, and Sac Spiders are the usual spiders found in  Nassau & Suffolk counties.

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