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Do you need pest control in the winter? With all the holiday activity and the cold weather, you might think that insects and other animals have gone into hibernation. Think again!Mice, rats, cockroaches, raccoons and squirrels are the most reported winter pests by Long Islanders.  This year, mice and rats have been a major headache for many homeowners all year long. Many pests are year-round problems like ants and spiders.  You might be seeing silverfish which like damp, dark places like your basement, kitchen and bathroom. And heaven forbid, you spot a bedbug which your college student brought home with him or her!

5 Winter Pests Found on Long Island

Each of the following pests carry diseases which are easily transferred to people. While you might see one of two mice or rats or roaches, there are many that you wouldn’t see. And when raccoons and squirrels make a home, offspring are not far behind. How many offspring does each of these pests produce in a year?

  1. Mice have 5 to 10 litters per year. There are 5-6 mice per litter.  Offspring could total 25 additional mice in one year.
  2. Rats usually have 6 to 8 litters each year. Litters of 6 to 12 young are born 21 to 23 days after conception. Offspring could total 36 additional rats per year.
  3. Cockroaches produce a new generation every 60 to 70 days. One roach can create an infestation of thousands of roaches fairly quickly – a population of millions over the course of a year.
  4. Raccoons mate in the late winter or early spring. Females give birth to the annual litter of 1-8 (average 2-5) in the den.
  5. Squirrels have litters of 3-5 young twice a year.

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