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You never know when you might encounter a fast moving wasp in the yard. Mowing over a weedy area? Coming in your back door? Getting stung is painful and can be fatal for highly allergic children and adults.Wasps include yellow jackets, cicada killers and paper wasps. Bees and hornets are a different kind of stinging insect.Like bees, wasps are either yellow and black or a shiny dark blue.  Paper wasps can be a muddy brown color.  All of these stinging pests have a four wings. While bees are furry, a wasp is shiny. You can find them nesting in hollow trees and cavities in your walls, house foundation, attic, etc. Nests get bigger as the summer goes on.

5 Facts about Wasps

  1. At one time, researchers were training wasps. Just like trained dogs, wasps were supposed to detect specific chemical odors to find hidden explosives, plant diseases, illegal drugs, cancer and even buried bodies?! We’re not sure if this training worked out.
  2. Don’t worry about wasps becoming extinct anytime soon. Fifteen new species of wasps have been found. Scientists have named some of these new wasps after characters from Star Trek and Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper.
  3. Vespa scooters are named after wasps—vespa means “wasp” in Italian.
  4. Some wasps use facial recognition. Specifically, a Polistes fuscatus wasp can distinguish among individual wasps’ faces.
  5. It’s possible for a wasp to turn a cockroach into a zombie!

We’ll thank Science Daily and National Geographic for the fun facts!

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