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Living on Long Island, you’re sure to encounter a variety of seasonal pests throughout each year. While there are always the usual suspects, such as mosquitoes in the spring and summer, and raccoons seeking a cozy place inside Long Island homes during the winter, there are also several pests who let their presence be known on Long Island year-round.   

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Annual Nuisance Pest on Long Island #1: Mice 

One of the most spotted pests on Long Island throughout the year is mice, and we have a few different species that scurry into residential homes year-round (though activity picks up significantly in the fall and winter as mice seek warmth indoors).  house mouse

House mice are often seen in Long Island homes from January through December! These small rodents are usually gray, brown, or black with tan undersides, and around 5-7 inches long counting their tails. They have large ears and tails covered in velvety fur, and small, dark eyes. House mice are commensal rodents, which means protecting your family and home from them is particularly important, because they are at least partially reliant on humans for their food, water, and shelter. Most often, house mice are found living in homes and commercial buildings, on farms, in fields, in lawns, and most anywhere you might find a fellow human. Once a mouse makes it into a home, they can be found living and nesting behind walls, in attics, basements, crawlspaces, and even behind large appliances, where they’ll chew and damage wires, pipes, insulation, flooring, and drywall, given the opportunity. They can even damage your precious family photos, furniture, flooring, clothes, and personal items.  

To protect your home from mice, we have a couple of options at Suburban Exterminating. First, for complete peace of mind, we recommend getting started with one of our Annual Protection Plans, like our Advantage Plan, which covers mice, as well as 27 other general pests. With our Advantage Plan, you also receive four annual visits, exterior bait treatments, interior inspections, dewebbing, unlimited service calls, and more! 

Year-Round Pest #2: Ants 

acrobat antsAnts, in particular, acrobat ants, are another common culprit year-round in Long Island Homes. Acrobat ants are a smaller type of ant, ranging from only 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch in length. They are yellowish-brown, black, or multicolored with segmented bodies and heart-shaped abdomens. And, if you haven’t already guess based on their name, acrobat ants have a unique ability to lift their abdomen up and over the rest of their body giving the illusion that they are performing acrobatics, like in the circus! 

Inside Long Island homes, ants tend to nest behind wall voids, and in wood that has been previously damaged by water. Acrobat ants eat a wide variety of food; they often feed on the honeydew that aphids and mealybugs excrete. Also, they do feed on dead and live insects, along with sweets and proteins that are commonly stored in homes. 

To best protect your home from Acrobat Ants and other species of ants, we recommend an Annual Protection Plan, such as our Edge, Advantage, or Complete Plan!  

Annual Nuisance Pest #3: Termites 

Subterranean termites are the species of termite that is active on Long Island and throughout New York. Subterranean termites eat the cellulose contained in wood (and your home’s structure) and organic matter like leaves 24/7, and are a dangerous pest to a home’s integrity.  subterranean termites

Subterranean termites are the species of termite that is active on Long Island and throughout New York. A subterranean termite colony is made up reproducers, or as they’re often called—swarmers, as well as workers and soldiers. Reproducers are most often seen swarming in the spring, however termites are a year-round concern for homeowners.  

Termite workers build mud tubes from their colonies located in the soil so that they can forage for food, and they will infest houses if the opportunity arises. If you find evidence of these tubes, you’ll know you have termites. 

Termite damage in the U.S. costs homeowners billions of dollars every year. Because termite damage is not usually covered by homeowner insurance, it’s imperative to protect one of your biggest investments—your home—with termite control. 

Suburban Exterminating offers two methods to protect your home from termites. The Sentricon Termite System involves the installation of a protective ring of termite bait stations in the soil around your home. The termites eat the bait, share with their queen, and your home is protected. Alternatively, we offer Conventional Termite Treatments, which involves our knowledgeable technicians creating a barrier of liquid termite treatment called termiticide around your home to keep termites away. Termites are also covered under our Complete Plan, along with 28 other common household pests.  

How Much Does Annual Pest Control Cost? 

So, you’re probably wondering, how much does annual pest control cost? We get it! Our most economical plan, the Edge Plan starts at under a dollar a day and protects Long Island homeowners from 18 seasonal household pests, including ants, hornets, wolf spiders, yellow jackets, and more! As mentioned, we also offer several other Annual Protection Plans and services to help keep your home and family protected from pests year-round.  

For help choosing the right pest control plan for you and your family, call or text (631/516) 864-6900. 

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