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Norway Rat

Water Rats on Long Island?

Rats can swim up to a ½ mile or more. You might spot them in any of our waterways. They are good swimmers, acrobats, climbers and have really strong jaws. 

Lanternfly on tree

Invasive Insect Reports on Long Island

Long Island is home to ticks, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other pests which threaten human health. Other insects threaten our natural world by infesting our trees and gardens. Here are a few of the latest insects which we’re keeping an eye out for.

Ant infestation on wood

Ants Are Trending

Ant invasions will continue to increase as the weather warms up around Long Island.

Green Shield Logo

Our Natural Pest Control Services

Generally, around Suburban Exterminating, we refer to our natural pest control services as green pest control. we’ve also had customers call our services non-toxic pest control or our environmentally friendly pest control services.