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Christmas Tree Limbs

Dealing With Christmas Tree Bugs

When you bring a “real” Christmas tree in your home, you may bring home an insect or two. Don’t worry – most of insects are not are a threat to your home or family.

House in Winter with Snowfall

Do You Need Pest Control in Winter?

With all the holiday activity and the cold weather, you might think that insects and other animals have gone into hibernation. Think again!

Mice, rats, cockroaches, raccoons and squirrels are the most reported winter pests by Long Islanders.

Fish at Aquarium

Bugs and More at Long Island Aquarium

With the days are getting shorter and darker, we highly recommend a visit to the Butterflies, Bugs & Birds Exhibit at the LI Aquarium. There’s something delightful about having a butterfly light on our shoulder or studying the industrialist work of the leaf cutter ant.

Mouse hole in cardboard

Use Suburban Rodent Shield for Natural Rodent Prevention

Our “Rodent Shield” is an all-natural repellent applied to your home’s foundation. While we smell a minty odor, rats and mice hate the smell and taste. The product is made of all-natural essential oils which bind to your home’s foundation and are not easily washed off.

Suburban Exterminating Team in Pink Breast Cancer Shoe Covers

Our Support for Breast Cancer Awareness #SuburbanCares

Help Suburban Exterminating raise awareness of breast cancer by posting a picture of our trucks or technicians on your social media account with #SuburbanCares.

One of our favorite Customer Relation members, Jennifer Frank, knows all about cancer awareness and shares her story =)