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Firewood against house

Winter Tip for Pest Prevention

Do you have a wood pile in your yard? Many people keep wood piles for their fireplaces, fire pits and sometimes, it’s just easier to add to the pile than it is to take the wood to the curb.

Our experts recommend storing firewood at least 20 feet away from the house and 5 inches off the ground. #pestprevention

How to Exterminate Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are great at hiding in your home.  And they are very difficult to get rid of.  No wonder that they continue to thrive! In your average home, bed bugs can hide in your linens, under your couch cushions and on your kid’s stuffed animals. The longer that you wait to treat your infestation, the more the bed bugs have time to move from room to room. They’ll follow you if you move to another room to sleep.

Clogged Gutters

Clogged Gutters Attract Pests and More

Getting your gutters cleaned every year is one part of home maintenance. Clean gutters help you to avoid problems like unwanted insect pests, damaged walls, mold and foundation issues. Other problems caused by clogged gutters include rotting fascia boards that hold up your gutter system. Fascia boards are made of wood.

Praying Mantis on Computer Keyboard

Five Common Bugs in the Office

Office bugs come in many shapes, sizes and forms. You can get an office bug which leaves you sick with a cold or  the flu.  Does your computer need IT to step in to solve your buggy  problem? The office bugs below are people who resemble some type of insect by their behavior.  Don’t let these bugs bother you too much! There is always the weekend!

Variety of insects laid out on a flat white surface

Professional Long Island Exterminator

At Suburban Exterminating, you can expect professional pest control services using the latest science-based methods. Our job can be challenging since insects and other pests continue to adapt and thrive. At the last conference, the National Pest Management Association put together many  educational and review classes. We paid close attention to classes which directly affect our Long Island clients.

Sac Spider

Common Spiders Found on Long Island

Spider webs and spiders seem to surround us at Halloween!  You have spider decorations and real live spiders that you suddenly notice around your home. All spiders produce silk which they may use to catch prey, cover their eggs or travel. With over 3,000 species of spiders in North America alone, you are bound to run into one or two.

Hands Holding Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

At Suburban Exterminating, we are putting our pink feet forward, by making our employees aware that October is breast cancer awareness month. We are wearing pink booties this month in order to express our concern for others in our community, along with supporting the cause to encourage women to have an annual mammogram screening.

Cricket Tacos

Have You Eaten a Cricket Taco?

I’ve never consciously eaten a bug. But since September and October is cricket and grasshopper season, I’d love to hear from some people who have tried a cricket taco or two! Maybe if the cricket were ground up and made into a protein bar, I might be able to eat a bite?  One company makes a coca nut tasting protein bar. Has anyone tried this one?   Their hashtag is #Fueledbycrickets