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Woman Looking in Pantry

What are Those Pantry Pests?

Your holiday baking can take a turn for the worst when you find bugs in your flour, spices, dried fruit and even chocolate!  You usually don’t notice these pests until there’s an infestation.

Silverfish on wood

5 Interesting Facts About Silverfish

Silverfish can reproduce quickly so infestations can go unnoticed for a long period of time. You can find these insects in almost every room in your home – kitchen, laundry rooms, bathrooms, basements and attics. They can cause damage to silks, cotton and other fabrics.

Squirrel eating nuts on roof

Upcoming Wildlife Season Calls for Wildlife Removal

Not every exterminator has a license to “take/trap, transport and release wildlife whenever the animal becomes a nuisance, destroys property or threatens public safety.”  Suburban Exterminating has many technicians who are qualified for nuisance wildlife removal.

Restaurant Dining Room

Pest Prevention in Your Restuarant or Business

What insurance do you have to protect your business’s reputation from pests? Are you covered with regular pest control service? Your reputation could be ruined by one small crawling creature!

European Garden Spider

Tips for How to Keep Spiders Out of Your House

Spider webs and spiders are generally creepy. They hang out in corners of your basement, get tangled in your face and remind everyone of Halloween.

When you walk through a spider web, you can almost imagine being trapped in the web. Spider webs are made of a silk material that is stronger than steel. The web can stretch to 140 percent of its length. Spider webs or cobwebs are designed to capture insects which the spiders eat for food.  Some spiders do not use a spider web; instead, they chase prey, lay in wait or go underwater to eat.

Bald Faced Hornet

Bald Faced Hornets Are Social Wasps

Bald-faced hornets create large nests and are capable of stinging many times.  By late summer, these hornets have some impressive homes with many family members.

Fish at Aquarium

The Long Island Aquarium Summer Experience

The Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead has been bustling with energy this summer. Members of the Suburban Exterminating staff head over there one to two times a week to do a tabling event, where kids can participate in some crafts. We’re helping to raise awareness about the new insect exhibit in the aquarium that we’re sponsoring, while simultaneously showing the children a great time. The many young children at the aquarium will take a quick stop from their busy days to do some fun and relaxing crafting. A crafting table with insect stamps and coloring books isn’t something the kids are accustomed to at the aquarium, so it’s a nice change of pace for everyone.

Bald Faced Hornet

Stinging Insects in Your Long Island Backyard?

The many species of bees, hornets, and wasps are out in full force. Although these stinging insects are crucial to the ecosystem, they can be a nuisance to pedestrians at times. Most bees, hornets and wasps sting multiple times, so keeping your home clear of these insects is important. There stings pack a potent punch that many Americans are allergic to. It’s important to know what stinging pests you may be dealing with in the near future. Protecting yourself and your home from these pests is important. If you have background knowledge of these stinging pests, you can better identify what you’re dealing with and establish what precautions need to be taken moving forward. The following information will discuss the different stinging insects that you may encounter on Long Island today.

Ants creating a bridge

The Facts About Ants You Need To Know

Ant activity is high during the spring and summer months, so it is important to know what ants you could be seeing, and how to identify them. Different species of your ants can be damaging to your home. The sooner they can be identified, the sooner they can be removed before any further problems occur.