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15 February

10 Freaky Finds including Ants in a Girl’s Ear

This latest news story is truly freaky! A colony of ant was found in a girl’s ear. Every day or so, more ants emerged! Doctors continue to monitor the continuing situation. Unbelievable? Here’s more of the story on Fox News.

Top 10 Freaky Ants

1. Ants can act as a liquid and a solid. See the video here.

2. The Bullet Ant’s sting is said to be one of the most painful. And the pain is throughout your whole body.

3. ‘Boxing’ Ants actually fight. When deciding on who gets the better job in the colony, they “punch it out” with over 40 punches a second.

4. There are at least 13,000 ant species living today, maybe more. Ants are social insects which has helped their evolutionary success.

5. Ants have been around at least 100 million years.

6. One ant colony of Argentine ants is thought to stretch for 3,700 miles along the Mediterranean coast.

7. Slavery is widespread among certain ants in the United States. Researchers don’t consider this cruel.

8. Some ants never get old.  Instead, these ants just operate at full capacity throughout their entire lives.

9.  The common garden ant writes architectural plans into the walls of their tunnels/buildings.

10. Ants are everywhere!

In addition, here’s a great science article behind ants. However,  it wouldn’t help you with your ant problem. Give us a call  for help with ants at (631) 864-6900 or (516) 864-6900.


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