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fleas under microscope

Flea Prevention and Control

One Long Island  homeowner talks about his flea problem “I have a flea infestation in my house/yard. I have tried various foggers inside my home on 3 different occasions. I have sprayed raid and another product on my flooring. They just keep coming back with in a day. I have vacuumed daily after work to try and knock down the population.”  When fleas move inside your home,  the infestation can result in bug bites and plenty of insects!

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Commercial Building

Top 3 Tips for Commercial Pest Control

Businesses on Long Island are subject to many rules and regulations. Suburban Exterminating is prepared to meet the needs of Long Island businesses with our training and expertise. Our Commercial Service Department promotes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is an environmentally friendly approach to pest control. We partner with businesses to improve sanitation and facility maintenance as a way to keep pests out.  Think clean and healthy! Integrated Pest Management (IPM) relies on a professional pest inspection to identify ways to prevent pests. Contact Suburban Exterminating for your inspection today! After the inspection, we’ll work on the plan, implementation and follow-up!  Suburban Exterminating is Green Shield certified and has a certificate of completion for AIB International audits.

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