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Bay Shore, NY Pest Control

Superior Pest Control In Bay Shore, New York

If you're looking for a local pest control company that offers superior pest control services in Bay Shore, Suburban Exterminating is the best choice.  We are a team of Long Island exterminators who have been eliminating ants, roaches, mice and other pests in Suffolk County for many years.  We utilize the latest pest control products and methods to get rid of pests without risking the health of people, property or the environment.  In fact, Suburban Exterminating was the first New York pest control firm to be a Green Shield certified company.  So if pests are overtaking your home or business, our family is here to protect yours!

large brown house mouse in a nassau county home

Pests Of The Season

House Mice

A common pest problem during the cold weather months, house mice infest homes and businesses in order to find food, water and shelter.

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large gray norway rat found in suffolk county ny

Pests Of The Season

Norway Rats

Rats have powerful jaws and teeth which damage wiring, pipes and more. Rats carry and transmit diseases including plague, jaundice, rat-bite fever, trichinosis, and salmonellosis.

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raccoon raiding trash

Pests Of The Season


Raccoon dens can be found inside attics, crawl spaces, in chimneys and under decks. Raccoons are wild animals and may become aggressive if cornered or threatened.

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large german roach in a nassau county home

Pests Of The Season

German Roaches

One of the most prominent household pests on Long Island because there is an abundance of food and water, shelter and breeding sites. Keep an eye out in your kitchen and bathrooms as these pests have a particular fondness for these type of environments.

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Bay Shore, NY Home Pest Control Services

home in bay shore infested with pests

At Suburban Exterminating, we provide year-round home pest control services in Bay Shore that are designed to keep common house-infesting pests out.  Let us protect your family and home from ants, spiders, cockroaches, and other insects that are annoying and potentially destructive.  Offering three levels of pest control, you can choose the coverage that suits your needs and your household budget.  For interior and exterior pest control that targets insects, we recommend our Edge plan.  Need rodent control too? Our Advantage plan is the way to go! Or for the most comprehensive plan that targets household insects, rodents and wood-destroying termites, choose the Complete plan.  Click here to learn more about these plans and how Suburban can help you!


Suburban Gets Rid Of Termites In Bay Shore, New York

termites in bay shore ny

Costing U.S. homeowners billions of dollar every year, termites are not a pest you want to ignore.  Feeding on the cellulose found in wood, termites will infest homes and other structures in order to provide for the termite colony located underground somewhere nearby. Once inside, they'll attack water-damaged or rotting wood but will also move onto sound wood, threatening the structural integrity of the building.  What's more, a termite infestation is often undetected UNTIL the termite damage becomes so extensive. At Suburban Exterminating, our Bay Shore termite control services were developed to stop termites before they reach your home.  Using the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System, our team of termite exterminators will keep resolve any existing termite activity and keep these wood-destroying pests away!  Schedule your free estimate or give us a call to learn more about our termite solutions.


Bed Bug Treatments For Bay Shore, NY Homes & Businesses

bed bug in a bay shore ny home

If you've discovered bed bugs in your Bay Shore home or business, swift action must be taken to control these biting insects.  A single female bed bug can lay over 200 eggs during her lifetime and with a short reproductive cycle (typically less than 20 days), bed bug infestations tend to grow exponentially.  Tossing out an infested mattress or couch will not resolve a bed bug problem and using DIY bed bug control can be dangerous and often times causes these insects to flee the infested room for a new hiding spot.  That could be another room in the house, the hotel room next door or the apartment below.  The solution to bed bugs is to call Suburban Exterminating.  Our effective bed bug control options in Bay Shore includes:

  • Free bed bug inspections

  • Bed bug heat chamber designed to kill bed bugs in mattress, furniture, and other items

  • Conventional bed bug treatments

  • Fumigation

  • Install of bed bug traps

Signs of bed bugs include bites, blood stains on sheets, live bugs on mattresses and other furniture, and for heavier infestations, a slightly sweet smell.  If you're concerned about bed bugs or have noticed any of the bed bug signs just mentioned, please contact us today!


A Full Service Pest Control Company Serving Bay Shore, Suffolk County & Long Island

tick on a man in bay shore new york

In addition to the services mentioned above, Suburban Exterminating offers a variety of solutions designed to give you peace of mind and a home or business free of insects, rodents, and wildlife.  Other services we offer include:

What's more, Suburban also provides handyman services to repair or upgrade your property and thermography services that identify areas where you're losing heat.  Call us today to find out how we can help you improve and maintain your Bay Shore property.

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